Fashion Debate: White Shoes With Black Socks - In Or Out?

This is the hottest debate in the world right now, and there's not even a close second: is it cool to wear black socks with white shoes?

The internet is fighting on Twitter, people are calling for jobs, somehow Russia is involved, it's a whole big thing. And honestly, as the unbiased fashion blogger, I have no real horse in this fight. I just report the news. 

If polka dots are in style, I'll let you know.

If overalls are back, I'll tell ya.

If polka dots are back AGAIN, I'll tell ya AGAIN.

So while some trends are obvious, we here in the fashion department of Barstool Sports HQ are going to get to the bottom of this one.

After scrolling her IG for hours on end I couldn't find other pictures of her socks and shoes, but here she is eating spaghetti 

Sort of similar.

But anywho, sound off if you are in or out on black socks with white shoes. 

Thank you,

Fashion department, Barstool Sports HQ