Sports, Man: Sandro Mamu Hit The Game-Winner For Seton Hall On Cancer Awareness Night In Front Of His Dad - A Cancer Survivor, Who He Hasn't Seen Since May

There is absolutely nothing like sports man. We saw that last night as Seton Hall's Mamu (no chance I'm spelling his last name correctly) hit this ridiculous buzzer beater. 

Just an awesome play design and a hell of a finish by Mamu. That's so tough to do with under a second to go. You have to time the jump, you have to tip it and get enough on there to make it. It's damn impressive that they were able to run that play perfectly. 

But then you realize it was cancer awareness night at Seton Hall. On top of that Mamu, who is from the Republic of Georgia, was playing in front of his father - a cancer survivor. Not only that but to make the shot in front of him, when you haven't seen him since May is even better. 

That's why sports always deliver. There are always awesome stories within the game and it seems like it works out this way. How many times do we see someone hit a game-winner in front of a family member that is sick, beat a disease or it's the first time you've seen someone in years. Just a quick search we have these: 


Those are just a few that come up in our search function, which isn't the best. Sometimes you just need a good feel good story to get through the day. That's what this is. It also helps that Seton Hall NEEDED that win. If they lost that, they are tied for the lead in the Big East with Creighton - a team who already has a win at Seton Hall. They would have blown a 3-game lead in roughly 2 weeks.