Tulsa's Elijah Joiner Hits Ridiculous Game-Winner At The Buzzer; Breaks Down Because It's The First Time His Dad Saw Him Play

I honestly can't imagine this feeling. Tulsa is one of the more ridiculous stories in college hoops right now and I'm not sure anyone really knows about them. They are currently winning the AAC. The same conference with Cincinnati, Memphis, Houston and Wichita State. They weren't supposed to be good, but here they are at 7-1 in the conference. 

But now today you have Elijah Joiner hitting a ridiculous game-winner and more importantly it's the first time his dad ever saw him play in college. Apparently Joiner was raised by his mom and stepdad and just recently started getting closer to his dad. His dad made a trip - Joiner is from the Chicago area - to see him play for the first time as a junior here. Naturally he hit the ridiculous game-winner. 

Sports, man.