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Pour One Out: Club La Vela In PCB Will Not Open For Spring Break

I know Spring Break in PCB died years ago when they banned drinking on the beach, but this still deserves a moment of silence for the people who had a week full of debauchery a long time ago. Whether you were nearby staying at The Summit or trekked your ass from the Holliday Inn filled with 4 blow up mattresses while wearing Wal-Mart thong sandals you probably have a memory of this place. Even if it's just the seeing the line in the parking lot and thinking who the hell would (or has) the money to afford the $100 cover or however how much they jacked it up to in March.

I was one of those people that didn't think it was worth the cover/hated lines so I never went to La Vela while I was in College. They also weren't on the Panamaniac card so I stuck to Spinnakers, Sharky's, Harpoon Harry's, etc. All spots that were equally as awesome except they didn't have Pauly D or Lil Jon or whoever the hell was playing. I did end up stopping there though in 2017 when I was on an RV trip with 10 buddies from College. We were cruising through to go to New Orleans so we decided to spend the night there and it was legitimately one of the saddest sites these eyes have ever seen.

A place that was so dirty (in a good way) and fun just vanished at the snap of the fingers. The main street, the beach, the bars, all of it just a complete ghost town. I guess maybe it's for the best to let all those memories be buried in the sand, but the comparison of what it was and what it is now will be something I'll always remember.

Best of luck, La Vela.