Antonio Brown's Newest Single "Andrew Luck" Might Be The Worst Song Ever To Exist On Planet Earth

What the hell did I just listen to? What the hell did I just watch? And more importantly, what the hell is AB saying?? Unfortunately, it took me about 10 plays to decipher what his mumble rapping voice was saying. Just kidding, I gave up halfway through and googled the lyrics. 

"I got the game and I'm not on stunk

I'm out the way like Andrew Luck

Everybody callin' my phone, shut up"

Just the other day we had Common introducing the NBA All Stars with some rhymes, and now we got AB spitting "words". I don't know what's more impressive. The fact this video has more dislikes than likes, or the fact that AB went almost 2 minutes with just a hook. No verses. He sounds like a Dollar Store version of Future! 

Poor Andrew Luck doesn't deserve to hear this. All the injuries he's suffered throughout his career, he now has to add external ear bleeding from listening to this god awful track. I'm curious if anyone has emailed Andrew this video since his flip phone probably doesn't receive links. I still can't tell if AB is dissing Andrew Luck. Technically, Andrew is away from the NFL, but stunk and Luck do not rhyme. But if you listen to any songs from AB, words don't have to rhyme.