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Common Attempting To Introduce Every All-Star By Rhyming Their Names Was So Goddamn Funny

Simply put this was the goddamn funniest part of any All-Star Game. Funnier than Fergie's National Anthem. Whatever. The man started his introduction by rhyming 'first and Nurse.' It caught everyone off guard, but my Lord what a way to introduce these guys. Naturally it took off on Twitter with our guys Coley and Rone dropping some perfect ones here: 

I'm not going to lie I've stopped and listened to these introductions now three times. It's funnier every time now that I'm listening more and more. Here's the 5 best: 

5. 'Anywhere on the court he can kill it. From the Portland Trail Blazers, Damian Lillard.' 

That doesn't even rhyme! 

4. ' au contraire mon frère, from the Utah Jazz the Stifle Tower, Rudy Gobert.

Now we're just showing off speaking a little French into the rhymes. I mean it had to be done but you know Gobert was even like goddamnit what is this.

3. 'On the court he gives a clinic. From the Los Angeles Clippers, Kawhi Leonard.' 

Fuck it. We're not even rhyming anymore. Clinic, Leonard it all works.  

2. 'He runs a team like a mogul. From the Los Angeles Lakers, the coach Frank Vogel.' 

This guy is out here getting lines about him. Plus, we're pretending like Frank Vogel runs the Lakers. Just perfection.

1. 'He's a two time All-Star so you know he'll get it done. From the Milwaukee Bucks Khris Middleton' 

This is it. This was the one that really won me over. The most boring ass line he came up with was for Khris Middleton. Pretty much just like yep, he's there. He's a guy. Two time All-Star though! I lost it the first time I heard it. This is when I knew we were in for something special out of Common - and by special I mean Twitter was about to have a night. 

I really just want to scratch an hour of this game and have people sit there and toss names at Common to rhyme. Imagine him coming up with something for Boban or Ryan Arcidiacono. It'd be entertaining as hell. It's the NBA version of Masked Singer.