The Latest Edition Of 'Passing The Torch' Was One Of The Greatest Episodes In Television History

Ever since the trailer came out for the next edition of this series I have been staring at my calendar demanding the days go by faster. We all know what a success the first part of this series was

and I am happy to report that what we got last night was even better. I didn't know that could even be possible but here we are. There is just something so cool about bringing the living legends and the young guns together. History is such an important part of this franchise and their culture, not many teams in the league can do something like this. To have legit icons come in and share their knowledge with your most important young players is a luxury of the highest degree, and I don't think I'm alone when I say I need this to continue maybe forever. Every single interview always delivers and if you missed this last night do yourself a favor and keep reading.

Paul Pierce/Kemba Walker

The night kicked off with Paul Pierce and Kemba and boy did it set the tone for what we were about to see. I get the pairing, Pierce was the leader of this team, Kemba is one of the leaders of this current group, it fit. I'm sure you've heard the term Celtics Porn before and that's pretty much what this was. When Paul asked right at the jump how it felt to play for the Celtics and Kemba's answer


My heart soared right out of my goddamn chest. Look at this face that entire interview! Look at happy he is and honored he feels to be a part of this franchise. I know these are all meant to pander to us fans but I don't give a shit. This is everything we wanted from our starting point guard and Kemba keeps delivering. The love and respect he has for Brad? Oh baby was that refreshing to hear. 

Dave Cowens/Grant Williams

Grant is so freaking polite I can't stand it. If there is any player that is truly going to absorb this experience up like a sponge and actually learn from it, it's Grant. Look at how interested he was! His smile is infectious, I loved how he knew right away there was no chance in hell he was getting Red's #2, and the theme was his pairing was perfect. Dave Cowens came in and did his job. He was already on a stacked team, but he came in and did what he could to impact winning. Does that sound like anyone else to you? I lost it when he dropped a "kicks butt" line. I don't know why, it's so innocent and perfectly Grant. He's someone who you can tell gets it when it comes to what it means to play for this franchise. 



There are certain rules you have to follow as a fan of the Boston Celtics, and near the top of the list is when Tommy Heinsohn speaks you shut the fuck up and listen. That man is living Celtics royalty by every definition. While part of me wishes Tatum was paired up with Pierce, it's hard for me to hate the two people that bring my life so much joy being chosen for this segment. If there is anyone that knows what it takes to play for this franchise, and someone who I want talking to the future of the franchise about what it means to be a Boston Celtic, it's Tommy. He's an icon. He's the lifeblood of this fanbase. And the best thing he said was how playing for this franchise is a blessing and a curse. Win here and you will experience love that will change your life. Fail here, and it'll be the worst thing you've ever seen.

My guess is this was filmed well before Tatum took his massive leap, so it looks like maybe he took what Tommy told him to heart and turned it into an All Star/potentially All NBA season. 

Just like after the first version I want to help the Celts come up with some additional pairings. Here's what I need to see

Larry Bird/Gordon Hayward

Kevin Garnett/Marcus Smart

Kevin McHale/Tacko Fall

Don Nelson/Romeo (has to be over a blunt though)

I don't know how many of these could be possible, just tell me who I have to talk and let's make it happen.