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The Celtics Series 'Passing The Torch' Was The Best Thing My Eyeballs Have Ever Seen

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After getting teased for a few days and not knowing what to expect, we finally got our first look at the Celtics interview series Passing the Torch last night and I have to say it was even better than I expected. Obviously this was filmed a long time ago, after hearing Ainge and Smart it sounds like theirs was around the time he passed him in all time three pointers made, but to be honest I didn’t really care about that. What a great idea and the pairings they went with were absolutely perfect. I get why they waited this long to release these, having the current season content in there was pretty cool and look you get former Celtics legends in the same room with guys we hope one day become current Celtics legends and yeah I’m going light some candles and have my lotion and box of tissues ready to roll.

The three pairings we got last night were Kyrie/Bob Cousy, Jaylen/Satch Sanders, and Marcus Smart/Danny Ainge. Three perfect choices of guys that are basically the same person on the basketball court and the conversations between each of them was must watch stuff. Thankfully this is the internet and if you missed this special you can watch them in full, which is what we’re going to do together right now. It’s Friday, screw working, go ahead and run to the bathroom stall if you have to because things are about to get erotic as hell.

Kyrie Irving / Bob Cousy


You knew this was kind of old right off the bat when you saw Kyrie’s fro, so obviously maybe your feelings about him have changed since then, but I still loved this pairing and interview. Bob Cousy was basically considered a Kyrie level ball handler back in his day simply because he knew how to go behind his back, and his style of play was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. I think we can say that about Kyrie and his handles now. By far the best handles in the NBA, he does shit on court you almost never see. But what stood out to me about their conversation was how much Cousy talked about not being about himself and his individual stats and everything being about the team. If I’m to believe this happened a long time ago, I think we can say that must have resonated with Kyrie because he just completed his most selfless and best passing season of his career. He even admits to at times being more about individual stats and scoring and all that, and I dunno I really think Cousy got to him.

Jaylen Brown / Satch Sanders

Let me say this, if Jaylen turns out to have a little Satch Sanders in his game, oh boy is he going to fucking rule. This was the pairing I was most excited to see, I once sat next to Satch Sanders at a charity dinner and man is he the coolest dude I’ve ever met. Jaylen, another extremely cool dude, was the perfect choice to be paired with this legend. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in their careers at this point, Satch talking about how he had to enter camp and there was a billion other forwards and Red basically told him to suck it up, and then Jaylen coming into this season with a billion forwards on the roster and having to accept a different role within this team.

I think it was also important for Jaylen to hear about leadership and all that because who knows, maybe by the fall he’s the only one left on this team and has to assume that leadership role.

Marcus Smart / Danny Ainge


OK, this one had me a little emotional given the recent Smart news. It made me happy and angry all at the same time while also having an erection so yeah it was a weird 9 minutes for me. Anyone that knows about Ainge as a player can see the similarities between he and Smart, two guys that everyone hates if you play against them and if they’re on your team you would take a bullet for them. Two pitbulls not afraid to get their nose dirty or shy away from the moment, I thought it was really interesting to hear the line of thinking that went into drafting Smart in the first place and how Ainge understands that Smart is basically the lifeblood of this team.

It was great to see him also joke with Marcus about passing him on the three point shooting list and how he wanted to trade him, and you think that’s a joke but he 100% did. If the timing had worked out there’s no way Ainge would have let that happen so we lucked out there. Remember, Smart is one of the few guys that Ainge has actually given a rookie extension too, and it’s pretty clear he loves the guy just as much as we all do.

For anyone who is obsessed with this team like I am, it’s very cool to see the legends of the past be blended with today’s group. If I had my choice as to who we would get in a next series, I’d probably go with


I think the plan is to have more next season, and frankly I’m already itching.