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Monstars Vs. Tune Squad (SPACE JAM FULL GAME)

Took me a little bit to get all the right clips sourced but I'm pretty sure I nailed it. From player intros down to the final shot, here's the Tune Squad vs. The Monstars in all of its glory in celebration of MJ's 57th birthday. 

Not a bad semi-retirement when you think about MJ playing baseball and dropping blockbuster hits like Space Jam. Surprisingly the Academy decided to pass when award season came around which is probably another good topic for Tinfoil Tuesday on Dog Walk with Chief and Eddie. I know last time they talked MJ it got pretty deep on why he got suspended

On the downside we missed on on whether or not MJ was able to win 8 straight championships (1995 doesn't count). In return we were gifted with the knowledge that after slashing .202/.289/.266 in 497 AA plate appearances for the Birmingham Barons, MJ is in fact the best athlete of all time. 

And again, for the people in the back, Space Jam is a 9.6