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Here Is the Map Of the Most Interesting Place in Every State - The Vineyard Wins For Mass










(Source) I googled each state and whatever came up first in the Wikipedia [“Points of interest”] box is what I went with. Some had more than one, but they weren’t in alphabetical order, so I took it as the first one was the top one. Obviously very non-scientific methodology.



So I saw Big Cat blogged this in the morning. This is PERFECT.    Of course Martha’s Vineyard shows up as the #1 most interesting spot in Mass.  Of course it did.  That’s because the Vineyard is the Dick’s Last Resort of the Cape.   Like if you want to go where tourists, cruise people and coupon people go then you go to Vineyard.  It’s belongs right on this list with Foxwoods, a zoo and the jersey shore.  That’s the Vineyard for you.    So this is exactly what I’d expect Wikipeida to say is the most interesting place in Boston.    Go on a duck boat tour, visit Fenway and then go to the Vineyard for a day trip.    Meanwhile I’m eating Brunch with Bobby D at the Wauwinet and taking showers in champagne.    Nantucket > Vineyard.