Mass Historic Commission Thinks Tearing Down The Suffolk Downs Stables Will Ruin Character of The Place



Bostonherald – Rows of decrepit, manure-strewn racehorse barns could pull the reins on Suffolk Downs’ casino dreams, after the Massachusetts Historic Commission threw up a roadblock on their proposed demolition in a landmark claim development experts say could be costly and time-consuming at best — and a project-killer at worst. Suffolk Downs wants to demolish 30 wood-frame horse stables and a pony barn on the Revere side of the track to make way for the casino. It plans to move the barns to the East Boston side of the track, where the art deco clubhouse, grandstand and racetrack are located, all of which were built in 1935 and are listed in a state inventory of historic landmarks. In a letter to the state environmental secretary obtained by the Herald, commission director Brona Simon says her staff “determined that the proposed demolition and new construction will have an ‘adverse effect’ … on the historic Suffolk Downs through the demolition of all or part of the property and the introduction of visual elements that are out of character with and will alter the setting of the property.”

I’m not exactly sure how to even respond to this story? The Mass Historic Commission is worried demolishing the stalls will hurt the character and setting of Suffolk Downs? Umm have they been to Suffolk Downs in the last 2 decades? Do they know what Suffolk currently looks like? This would be like the Mass Historic Commission coming into our office and saying we can’t knock down a wall because it will lose it’s charm. Umm newsflash…Suffolk Downs is a DUMP! The stalls are a DUMP. This isn’t Saratoga we’re talking about. The place is degenerate city. It’s baffling that the Mass Historic Commission would say new stalls would have an adverse effect on this place. Like I’m not pro casino either. It’s just mind bottling how anybody could think there is any part of Suffolk Downs that needs to be preserved. Bizzaro world.