A Tradition Like None Other: Ranking The St. Paddy's Day Knockouts

So in what has become an annual tradition at the Stool after every day after St. Patrick’s Day for the past couple years I have posted the best knockouts and fights from the web.  This year was surprisingly slow.  But never fear we still have a couple to share.  Thanks to my boy Corndog as always for the help with these.


3. Curb Stomped



Now if you pay close attention here what got this bro is in trouble is after he threw that first punch and missed he seemed to slip on the curb and was stuck with his face in a peacock pose begging for the guy he just missed to return fire and that’s exactly what happened.  That’s gonna get you knocked out 100 out of 100 times.


 #2. Bleaker Street New York




I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more aggressive pre fight routine with the punching of the wall/screaming at these guys to fight followed by an absolute refusal to fight and getting his head noggied to death and then trying to play peace maker move in my life.  I mean if you’re gonna pull that loco shit you better be fucking crazy.  You kind of lose the intimidation vibe when you are afraid to throw a punch.   You could tell the other guy was a little bit nervous too..  Like oh shit I may be in over my head here.  But the second he realized the other guy was scared shitless his balls grew by the second.


#1.  Mean Mugging City



Another big time hardo pre game routine.  Kid just punching himself in the face like he’s made of steel.  Mean mugging it all over the joint right.  I mean look at this face..




Mean mug city.  And then he walks off camera for 1 second and boom lights out.  I literally spit our my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any when he came flying back onto the floor.   Great stuff from red pants.