Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher


PennsylvaniaAn 11th grade English teacher at Cumberland Valley High School is accused of performing a sexual act with a male student in her classroom, according to search warrants released Thursday. Emily Nesbit, 31, is under investigation by Silver Spring Township police… [An] 18-year-old female student had reported looking through the cellphone of the male student with his permission. She said she saw conversations between the student, whose age was not stated, and Nesbit that seemed sexual in nature. The male student… said he held hands with the teacher and they had kissed in the past. He also said that a week prior Nesbit had performed a sexual act with him in her classroom and they had been communicating regularly for roughly two months. The student’s iPhone showed that he labeled Nesbit as “My Lady Friend” in his phone. It also revealed that the student and Nesbit had exchanged photographs of each other in various states of undress and had discussed meeting in her classroom during and after school hours. Moreover, Nesbit in the messages stated her desire to have sex with the student, and police said the messages also inferred some sexual activity had taken place. Nesbit was interviewed by police later on Tuesday and admitted to performing the sex act with the student. She also acknowledged they had held hands and kissed and that all of their meetings had occurred in her classroom.

Wow, is this kid ever a victim of the classic Sex Scandal Teacher dilemma: To talk, or not to talk?  A philosophical debate that’s been contemplated and argued since the days of pioneers like Pamela Smart.  It’s one of those “if a tree falls in the forest…” kinds of questions.  On the one hand, this kid told some chick and let her see the text messages and she went and narc’ed on him, which is obviously bad.  On the other hand, a classroom BJ is all well and good but it can’t compare to the sheer joy of a classroom BJ people know about.  There’s no right or wrong answer.  It’s just a shame this kid tried to score hero points with the wrong jealous, spiteful bitch.  Shame on her, not on him.

The Grades:
Blonde.  Attractive.  A young-looking 31.  And with just a little hint of carefully-planned cleavage, so inappropriate for a yearbook photo.  Not to mention that sexy Crazy Eyes look?  This is such a no brainer. Grade: A
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
Let’s see here.  We’ve got classroom blowjibbers, which she admits to.  Plus the texts, the classic “various states of undress.  And the “stated desire to have sex,” in writing.  All of which is good.  So I don’t mean to split hairs, but we don’t have any actual intercourse here.  I’m sorry for everyone involved, but I have to deduct points.  Too bad that miserable buttinski girl couldn’t keep her yap shut for another couple of days. Grade: B
I’ll never be able to hear Buzz say “I am Mrs. Nesbit!!!” the same way again. Grade: A
  B+. Congratulations, Emily Nesbit.  There’s a still a long way to go and a lot of Teacher Sex to be had.  But you’ve got a shot at the end of the year roster.
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