We've Entered A Call Of Duty Gunfight Tournament For $25K And We Still Need A Partner - TRY OUTS GOING NOW

And there you have it.  Apparently the likes of Ninja, Doc, and other pro's are partaking in this shindig next Tuesday for $25K...and we currently don't have a worthy soldier to share the foxhole. Sure, Jerry Ferrera and I have slayed may worthy souls and Balls in the past:  

KSI and I have dominated the COD 2v2 streets: 

Heck, I've even mangled the mangled on the sticks during a gunfight:  

So who do we go with?  Do we seek out a pro such as Faccento, Jkap, or bring Nadeshot outta retirement after I took over his company?  


Do we look within the company with a Private Balls or, dare I say, COD Cat?  Or is the answer unknown with a random Stoolie enlistment?  I'm open to any and all suggestions, but if you think you have the Gunfight heart in you to get some glory, and $25K - Prove it.  Don't talk about it, be about it and enlist in #SmittysArmy.  Be the best with the best.  SQUAD UP.