So...I Kind Of Own 100 Thieves Now

This past weekend we took Barstool Gametime over to the brand new 100 Thieves compound.  Why?  Eh, no reason.  Just got the invite from some of the biggest names in the industry to check out and do content in the hottest place in the market, or as Lord & Savior Dave Portnoy likes to say - We don't have any "E-Gaming" presence and we need to spank those "E-Gaming" cheeks!

Kidding aside, it was great to get in the mix with the likes of Nadeshot, Courage JD, Cloakzy, The Mob, Valkyrae, Castro, Sypherpk, Pluckett, and countless others that you can Google and be absolutely FLOORED by how much more successful, popular, and rich than any average jabroni who would bash on the gaming/esports universe being full of "Nerds".  Go ahead.  Google them.  I dare you.  After all, people way smarter than I think the CEO Nadeshot "seems successful":


We'll have a video recapping the entire experience trying out for 100 Thieves tomorrow, but why do I the hottest organization in gaming?  Very simple.  I went in and immediately established Prima Nocta.  And by that I mean I participated in a company game of knockout with, among others, Nadeshot: 

Equity: Acquired.  Simple as that.  You knockout the CEO in knockout, you get shares of their company.  Hey, I don't write the rules, I just make them up as I go along.  

Again, video is coming tomorrow of the entire experience of hanging out all weekend, participating in their Super Bowl halftime $500K UNO Tournament (which only had 50,000+ people watching) and showing off the talent I can provide to the scene: 

But tonight, we ride to glory.  Squad up and AMA about being the newest owner of 100 Thieves: