Kendrick Perkins Hates Kyrie Irving's Guts

For the rest of my days, I will always have love for Kendrick Perkins. What he did for my life by being a part of that 2008 championship team earned him enough good will for two lifetimes from me. Whenever he is doing the broadcast it's always a delight, we've seen him crush this role before

and that clip right there is why he will forever be a hero to this city and this fanbase. He hates Kyrie Irving like poison and is so disgusted with his actions that he vomits. You know how annoying it is to throw up? Nobody like throwing up. There's no need to bring Kyrie into the conversation. He couldn't have less to do with what is going on in the game right now but god dammit Perk is going to tell it like it is at all times no matter the circumstance. 

Can't say I disagree with anything he said either. Not only is he great on the mic but let's not forget you never had to double in the post when Perk was on the floor. That was crucial to everything defensively.