If Riverboat Ron Can Get Trent Williams To Return To The Redskins He Is The Greatest Miracle Worker Since Mother Theresa

Woahhhhhhhh. I would say Ian undersold this by calling it  "potentially significant". It's the most signifiant development of the offseason by far. The fact he's even thinking about returning to a team owned by Dan Snyder is massive. I mean this is the team that mis-diagnosed his cancer. But yet somehow, someway, they were able to have a "positive conversation" with him.

And obviously Dwayne Haskins is very on board with the news:

Haha, yep. After being behind a makeshift line all season, it would be nice to have a Pro Bowl tackle back defending his blind side. If they can bring Trent back on the o-line and add Chase Young to the d-line, what a win of an offseason that would be just with those two additions. 

The Skins are setting up to be...actually kinda good next year. They had one of the most productive rookie classes in the NFL last season and will only be improving. The coaching staff is improved, Haskins is improved, and apparently the o-line could be VERY improved. 

Getting my hopes up in the offseason, a tradition unlike any other.