She's Okay! Kind Of....Stripper Who Fell Off 15 Foot Pole Checks In With An Update From Her Hospital Bed

I don't want to say thank God she's "okay" because she's not, but thank God she's okay. Despite having broken her jaw, knocked out her teeth, and sprained her ankle, she seems to be in good spirits. Here's the initial fall for those of you who missed my blog yesterday. 

The fact that she was still able to twerk on her head after having sustained those injuries in incredible. Unfortunately, the CEO of the company that owns the strip club issued a statement saying they aren't responsible for her fall...

Source - The Texas strip club where a dancer came crashing down from a 15-foot pole is taking no responsibility for the incident because the CEO says they didn't tell her to make the climb…

The club is calling it an accident, and there are no plans to remove stripper poles as a result … Eric Langan -- CEO of RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc., which owns the club -- tells TMZ.

Langan tells us the club is looking into helping Genea financially. One thing's for sure, she's not a full-time employee so she can't get worker's comp. It's unclear if she has health insurance. 

Anyway, the club's position -- entertainers choose their own routine, and as a company, they exercise no control over a dancer's art form, so if they fall -- it's on them.

Which means no money. They are, however, "looking into helping her financially." Not "helping her financially"…"looking into it." I'm sure that will work out. Anyway, thoughts and prayers to Genea and here's to a speedy recovery. 

PS: If you want to donate (you don't) check out her IG below. All she needs is a little WAM (walk around money) until she gets back on her feet…