We Have An All-Time Recovery From This Stripper Who Fell Directly Off Of A Two Story Pole Then Started Twerking Like Nothing Happened

What. a. recovery. I pray she earned enough tip money to cover her copay at the hospital after her shift. Just kidding, strippers don't have health insurance. Just kidding again, health insurance isn't a joke. 

This was one of those videos I had to watch three times to understand what was happening. She was so high up you couldn't even see her until she splattered off the stage. That's her up by the blue light at the top of the photo. 

That's her falling on her face...

Then that's her twerking her ass off two second later like nothing happened...

She even did a headstand which received a much-deserved standing ovation from the guy in the front. 

I almost want to call XTC Dallas (NSFW) and make sure she's okay. That and applaud her for her stick-to-itiveness. Job well done, ma'am.