Baseball Is The Greatest Game On Earth, Tell Me Otherwise

First off, shoutout to KFC for the greatest tweet in history last night:

Jeter made that play in a JULY game and the media sucks it off as if it were game 7 of the World Series.  FUCK YOU JETER!  Juan Uribe's catch was 1000000x better and 1 BILLION times more important 

Anyways, I'm sorry I yelled.  Actually, I'm not.  I really fucking hate Derek Jeter, that overrated HACK.  But he was a ballplayer nonetheless and guess what?  Pitchers and catcher report this week for a lot of teams, so kill off 40+ minutes in your cube by watching some awesome baseball highlights.

I cannot fucking wait until March 26th.  It officially kicks off what will be the best White Sox season in a LONG time.  Oh and guess what? The Red Sox are fucking DEAD. Dead as a doornail.  Fuck off Boston Fans!!!

Looking forward to a summer of joy, tears, laughter, anger and a WHOLE lot of trolling.