There is No Chance the Philadelphia 76ers Will Trade Joel Embiid

This is the best. It is so so cute that every single time the Sixers go through a rough patch the people think that the only option is to trade one of the most dominant players in the NBA. Joel Embiid is an enigma in today's game. He is the only big in the league who is capable of straight up bullying his opponent into the ground. Out of the realistic options out there, there is no way you will ever get a serviceable return for one of the best players in the league. This starting lineup does not work. Correct. Embiid and Simmons net rating is not what it once was. Correct but what does that tell you?

No one was saying these two couldn't play together when they were surrounded by JJ Redick, Jimmy Butler, Robert Covington, and other shooters. People forget that hadn't there been a miracle, mystical, magical shot in Toronto last year the Sixers could have been the one's holding the Larry O'Brien.

So why the fuck would you trade a generational, once in a lifetime player for someone like fucking Buddy Hield? Spencer Dinwiddie?? Lamarcus Aldridge??? People act like Embiid and Simmons are in the last leg of their career and if they don't win a championship now, they never will. Jo is TWENTY FIVE years old. Simmons is TWENTY THREE years old. Those aren't players you are looking to dump off. Surround those two with capable shooters and not the old washed up corpse of Al Horford and you will see that this "spacing" issue isn't nearly as big of a problem as you think.

So no, Trysta the Sixers do not "finally know it's time to move Embiid".