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The Sixers Finally Know Its Time To Move Embiid

What happens when you have a point guard that won't shoot from deep and a center that doesn't want to play on the perimeter? Oooh ooh, I know this one! A trade? Actually, up until now, the answer has been "bad spacing and mediocrity." 

Today though... conveniently after the trade deadline, we have a juicy rumor a-brewing. According to RealGM and HoopsHype (super reputable basketball gossip sites), the Sixers are prepared to move on from Jo-Jo. 

If this is actually true, can you blame them? Let me preface all of my criticisms by saying that I like Embiid. He's an athletic freak, funny, musical, savage on Twitter and IG, and just generally funny to watch. He also is... out of shape, injury-prone, emotional, and back to point one, gives inconsistent effort. 

But its not just about Joel. This is also about Ben Simmons. Let's say the quiet part out loud. Simmons and Embiid don't fit together. They've never fit together. They don't seem to like each other enough to coexist, let alone make it work. Most importantly, neither one of these "franchise" players are lights-out shooters at a time when cough cough shooting is pretty essential. All of this is a secret to no one.

Even though this revelation is a little late given that the Sixers have no way to move Joel until the offseason, it still shows that Elton Brand has come out of the fog and is finally thinking clearly. 

That got me thinking… which teams make the most sense to go out and get him? It's obvious the 76ers need more shooting and a big that's comfortable staying on the perimeter so that there's more space for Simmons.

Here are some possibilities that I thought could work for both sides. 

1. Brooklyn

Brooklyn trades Caris Levert, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Jarrett Allen

Philadelphia trades Embiid and either Zhaire Smith or Matisse Thybull 

2. Portland

Portland trades Cj McCollum, Gary Trent Jr, and Nurkic

Philadelphia trades Embiid and Josh Richardson 

3. San Antonio

San Antonio trades LaMarcus Aldridge and Lonnie Walker

Philadelphia trades Joel Embiid and Matisse Thybull