It Needs To Be February 17th Right This Goddamn Second

I know good Celtics porn when I see it and frankly I was very close to putting a *NSFW* tag on this blog. I love every single one of these pairings. You may remember this from April when the first edition came out, and I declared it was pretty much the greatest thing my eyeballs had ever seen

and that was in no way hyperbole. There is just something so cool to me as a Celtics fans to see these living legends, people I spent my whole life idolizing take the time to connect with the new generation. Last year's group was pretty awesome (despite everything that then happened with Kyrie), you had Irving/Cousy

Then there was Jaylen/Satch Sanders which is interesting because he is well on his way to turning into his own version of Satch


and the final one of Ainge/Smart was too perfect. They are basically carbon copies of one another

So now for this year we get 



Grant/Dave Cowens.

As much as I love Tommy, part of me wishes Pierce for Tatum. Considering Tatum is shaping up to be this era's Paul Pierce who was my era's Larry Bird, I wish they were put together. Granted Tommy is hilarious so I'm sure it's going to be awesome. I really like the Grant/Dave Cowens pairing. That is someone I 100% want Grant to model his career after, even though it's outrageous to think he'll be as awesome as Cowens ever was. He's someone who I feel like appreciates history and will take whatever he learns from Cowens to heart. 

Tommy said it best. Playing for this franchise is a blessing and a curse. If you don't deliver, you'll get destroyed. Just look at what happened to Kyrie. But if you come through? Oh boy will you be treated like royalty for the rest of your life. I don't think it's bullshit when someone like Kemba says he doesn't want to let the history down. He's a guy that gets it.  

All I know is I need it to be February 17th immediately. That should hold us over during the All Star break but this is going to be a long 7 days. I'm sure I'm not the only one who eats this shit up, and that's the beauty of rooting for a team like this. What a brilliant idea so once again my hat is off to whoever the person is that is responsible for this. Passing the Torch and Guess The Celtics Baby have been absolutely dynamite. This the type of content I crave and I'm going to need it to keep flowing.