Anyone Who Is Upset With Joel Embiid Telling The Philly Crowd To STFU Is Charmin Ultra Soft

Joel Embiid shushed the hometown crowd after drilling a 3 last night and then mouthed the words "shut the fuck up". Did you see this? Did you hear about this? If not, here's a blog from last night about it. 

Now I'm not exactly sure how much you guys know about sports fans here in the city of Philadelphia but we have a tendency to be a bit...emotional, I guess would be the word? Some people may call it "completely out of our fucking minds" or "deranged psychopaths" or something along those lines. But it pretty much all boils down to having a ton of emotion invested into these teams. So when Joel Embiid, quite possibly the biggest star in the city, shushes the home crowd? Well let's just say that some people don't have the emotional capacity to be able to rationally assess that incident and understand the role that they've played in sparking the series of events that led to that moment. Or in layman's terms, they're a bunch of emotionally stunted neanderthals who just need to scream about something. A lot of those people just so happen to work in radio. 

You see, Philly fans love to act like we're all so tough. We love to take pride in the fact that we're hard on our players when we need to be. When other cities think we're a bunch of lunatics for booing our own players, we turn around and say that they just don't understand how it works in this city. We want the best out of our players and we're not afraid to let them know when they're falling short of that. 

But when Joel Embiid turns around and gives it right back to us, apparently that's where the line is crossed? That's puppy ears soft. That's bamboo sheets soft. That's like filling up a bowl of mashed potatoes, topping it off with some apple sauce, and serving it with a side of Jell-O soft. 

I love Philly fans. I am a Philly fan. Sometimes Philly fans need to be told to shut the fuck up every once in a while. Especially if that's something that is going to help Joel Embiid finally add a little bit of killer instinct into his game. You'd hope that wanting to win a championship would be enough to motivate him to be a killer out there but if he needs to be a good asshole to dominate, then let him be a good asshole. 

I don't necessarily love the term "good asshole" so maybe we can workshop that later. But in the meantime, I'm here for it. And if you're not? Well then that makes you a fraud. Also--at the end of the day, pro sports is just entertainment so maybe just stop taking it so personally. Until Joel Embiid walks up to your front door, looks you square in the face face and tells you to shut the fuck up as soon as you open the door, I don't think he's speaking directly to you.