"Shut The Fuck Up" - Joel Embiid Silences The Crowd After Drilling A 3...In Philly

You know what? I love it. 

If Joel Embiid is ever going to have that killer mentality he needs to unlock to truly be great, he needs to hate everything and everyone. Including the crowd in Philly who have been making their frustrations with this team extremely clear over the last week or so. 

Joel Embiid needs to be the bad guy. He needs to be the villain. He can't be the lovable goofball anymore. That Joel Embiid doesn't get the job done. That Joel Embiid ends up crying his dick off in Toronto after a game 7 winning quadruple doink. If Joel Embiid needs to tell his home crowd to shut the fuck up after drilling a 3 in their faces to become the most dominant player in the NBA that he's capable of being, then I want him to end up punching fans in the throat every home game for the rest of his career. Love the fire. Love the intensity. 

Also--Furkan is a first ballot hall of famer and if you disagree, you're a brain dead bozo.