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You Decide: Was Gio Urshela ENRAGED By This Jose Altuve Cheating Theory?

Gio Urshela and Adam Ottavino were on the Michael Kay Show yesterday talking some Astros. Kay asked Gio if he thought Altuve knew what was coming when the Astros second baseman launched a walk off homer in Game 6 of the 2019 ALCS. This was his response...

Based off that answer the NY Post wrote this headline. 

That's what we're calling enraged in 2020? If that's enraged then I'm enraged 24/7 365. I mean there's click bait headlines and then there's that. I know it's the New York Post and we shouldn't hold them to any kind of standard with that kind of stuff, but I mean what are we doing here? It's shit like this that will make a guy like Gio hesitant to do interviews in the future. That's garbage. Gio was his usual adorable self there and his answer was totally fine. I appreciate his honesty so much. He could've easily skated away from the question like AJ Hinch did during his whole interview yesterday. Nope, just gave you a straight answer. Laughably not enraged. 

On a side note, can we talk about how handsome Adam Ottavino is? I mean goodness gracious what a dashing fellow that gentleman is. Seems unfair you can throw a slider the way he does and also look like that. Big things coming in 2020 when hitters don't know what pitch Otto is throwing.