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According To Tony Dungy, Mike Vick Is NOT Haunted By The Ghosts Of The Dogs He Murdered

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Hey listen, laugh all you want about this but if you dont think there’s a chance that we’ve got dead dog ghosts haunting this team then you’re just an idiot. I mean at this point I’m willing to take absolutely anything into account. It ain’t just about X’s and O’s anymore. It ain’t just about the play calling and the guys on the field. There’s other shit at work right now. Dark forces. Voodoo. Whatever you want to call it. This team is unfathomably bad and somehow John Idzik has turned into a retarded person. If you’re not at least willing to consider we’ve got a hex on us from the dog spirits of Mike Vick’s victims, then you’re just not trying. Like whats the harm in hitting up some sort of exorcist or shaman or something and trying to make amends with the souls of those dogs? You’re above that but you’re not above trotting out Geno Smith as a professional quarterback? I’d rather have these bums skip practice one day this week and go try to make amends with those dead dogs.