UPDATE: Now Shaq Has Tagged In To Verbally Destroy Joel Embiid

Earlier tonight we thought we saw the most aggressive verbal assault on the Sixers that we would hear for the night. Charles Barkley referred to the Sixers as the Cleveland Browns of the NBA. It's nearly impossible to come back from such a claim. The Sixers were already 6 feet under when all of a sudden, here comes Shaq at halftime to deliver the mega blow to Joel Embiid. 


Goodness gracious! Holy smokes! That, my friends, was a verbal murder. 

Shaq was already at 100 earlier this year when he talked about Embiid needing to toughen up. Now he just went full nuclear mode and jumped that bitch up to a 250. He basically just flat out called him a bitch in front of millions of people, and then proceeded to make fun of his voice. That was the biggest bully move in the history of bullies. 

Now here's the thing if you're Joel Embiid--you need to get pissed at this. You need to hate the fucking shit out of Shaq for the rest of your career. You need this to fuel you to want to prove him wrong more than anything in the world. You can't just sit there the next time you're getting interviewed and act like you were okay with this because you also know you need to get better. If this doesn't make you want to go into kill mode, then maybe Embiid actually is soft. And maybe that is Shaq's plan all along. Maybe this is just a test to see if he can get any legitimate fire in him. Or maybe he just doesn't give a fuck and decided to go in for the kill.