Assault: Charles Barkley Just Called The Sixers The Cleveland Browns Of The NBA

Honestly? I don't think he's wrong. 

I know Sixers fans are going to be all sorts of butt hurt to hear that but it's not that far from being a totally fair and accurate comparison. Just think about it. Neither team has actually accomplished anything of significance but everybody had the Cleveland Browns penned into the Super Bowl during the offseason the same way that everybody had the Sixers penned to win the East over the summer. Both teams seem to crack and crumble at the first sign of any adversity. Both locker rooms are filled with all the talent in the world but too many egos that seem to play for themselves more than the team. When you lay all the similarities out there it's pretty fucking scary of how much these teams resemble each other. 

The only saving grace here is that I think Baker is actually bad. I have way more faith in Embiid and Simmons being able to just out-talent everybody to will this team back on the right track than any Browns fans should have with Baker. And Odell is clearly more crazy than anybody on this Sixers roster. So basically what I'd say is that the Cleveland Browns are Coca-Cola and the Sixers are Coke Zero. Very similar, almost identical taste, but one is just much worse for you than the other. Still a tough one to swallow.