The Knicks Traded Marcus Morris To The Clippers For Moe Harkless And Other Assets (Assets TBD)

Thus ends one of the more enjoyable short tenures in Knicks basketball where the team won less than 30% of his games. Marcus Morris stole Knicks fans heart when he bailed on the Spurs to sign with the Knicks like a goddamn lunatic. During Mook's time here, he did everything Celtics fans said he would. Play tough, take big shots, and occasionally drive you crazy. Not only that, he said he was going to bring back the 90s Knicks style of basketball, which I think is fair to say he did.

Plus he reportedly was a big reason Steve Mills got canned, which makes him a Knicks legend in my book. I'm willing to even upgrade Morris from #OnceAKnickAlwaysAKnickForeverAKnick for being able to take more money from the Knicks, spend a few months as a fan favorite at The Mecca, get traded to a legitimate contender, and still being able to potentially swindle the Knicks into a longterm deal after the season is over.

I would say I wish the Knicks could have gotten more for Morris since you cannot replace the excitement of having a guy that may throw hands at any given moment. But lets be honest, this feels like a good deal even if the Clippers pick isn't great because the Clippers front office taking on the Knicks front office that is without a team president and always in some state of disarray is an all-time mismatch. Moe Harkless played at St. John's, which means he's used to playing on a bad team at The Garden. The rest of the parts of the deal haven't come out, but it sounds like the deal will likely look like this.

I imagine we'll go in depth about Kabengele and Mann on Regs' podcast tomorrow. But based on everything I'm reading Kabengele sounds like he's a decent prospect which I guess means the Knicks didn't screw up the deadline while also trading a very good player to a team I have no problem rooting for in the playoffs. Dare I say this trade feels like for the Knicks?


UPDATE: Well, maybe? 

UPDATE 2: Look at Woj cleaning up everybody's mess!

Wait, where did all the other assets go? Oh yeah, we're the Knicks. I guess at least a first is coming back and we can try to Men In Black flashy thing ourselves from thinking anything else was in the trade. You guys ready?

Okay wait, they may have acquired Issuf Sanon.

Sanon has to be the best Issuf in the world at basketball, right? So that's good.

I'll continue to update this blog as details come in. But I seem to have uncovered why the reports have been so inaccurate.



If Ian says it, it's true in my book. Going into the deadline, I wanted at least a first rounder for Mook and anything else would be a bonus, especially considering Steve Mills probably would have never traded him at all. Now Knicks fans can look forward to *scrolls through calendar* the lottery! See you guys then.