Build 4-Star Michael Drennen A Statue After Trolling Florida And USC On Signing Day So He Could Pick Kentucky

Yep. Already love the kid. He's drawing comparisons to Lynn Bowden as a guy who can come in play the slot, play in the backfield, perhaps even fill in at quarterback when Kentucky loses a starter to injury and struggles for a couple of games. That's all great. Any time you can get a 4-star that's deciding between Florida, Michigan and USC, it's a great day. Even when he moves the recruiting ranking to No. 21 - which is huge for Kentucky. 

But this is all about him toying with the emotions of everyone in the room. Hell, USC had a reporter fly out to Ohio in February thinking there was a solid chance he picked them. He spent multiple minutes talking about how he had a connection to USC and dreamed of being Reggie Bush. Then again, who wouldn't want to be Reggie Bush? He was fucking awesome at USC. Straight up video game character. 

But then he really won me and the rest of Kentucky fans over with this move. 

He's about to pick Florida. He grabs the hat. He steps back ready to put it on. He even calls someone up to the stage, ready to celebrate with that garbage Gator Chomp. But then he remembered that Lexington is a million times better than Gainesville and became the second person to troll Florida on signing day: 

Suck it Mullen. Suck it Gators. 

He had a second hat! What a move. Instantly became my favorite signing day memory since Terrence Jones picked Washington and then a day later regretted it and came to Kentucky to lead them to a Final Four and then a title. 

All things coming up Stoops!