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We Have Our First Troll Job of National Signing Day and You Love to See It

Four-star TE Dee Beckwith out of Florence, Alabama had his National Signing Day ceremony at his high school this morning, where he was down to just Florida and Tennessee.

The fact that he had visors on the table would have seemingly been a good sign for Florida, obviously as a nod to Steve Spurrier. And just when you think he was going to join the dark side...

NOPE! Suck it, Mullen.

But did his dad know that was going to happen? He seemed rather unenthused when Dee picked up the Florida hat and then genuinely surprised when he revealed the Tennessee shirt underneath his dress shirt. It looks like his brother may have been the only person who knew what was going to happen.


This wasn't even really that elaborate of a troll by Signing Day standards, but these things never go Tennessee's way. Every other time this has happened has been a kid picking up a UT hat and then chucking it across the gym to reveal whatever school he's actually going to — I still have not forgiven Quay Walker.

It's just nice to win one. This kid has already skyrocketed up my favorite Vols board. 2020 is looking like a great year to be a Tennessee Volunteer.

Go Vols.