Shit Talking Is At A High Going Into Sunday Night's Giants vs Eagles Matchup


Tom Coughlin said it best: “We could play this one right out there in this parking lot, as far as I’m concerned.”

Love Eagles fans getting mad about Giants fans bragging about Super Bowl rings. Pretty sure that’s the entire point of the NFL. It’s not like Yankees fans bringing up 27 World Series titles either – we’re talking 2 of the last 7 championships, both under SB MVP Eli Manning. If you wanna take rings out, then let’s talk about how Big Blue are 6-4 in Philly since Eli’s first full season in 2005. Or how Foles has 8 TOs this year to match his TD total while Eli sits at 11 scores against 5 giveaways. Or how the Giants have 2 backs with more touchdowns than McCoy, a no-name TE with as many as Maclin, more defensive takeaways, a better offensive line, a better run D… Seems like a strange game for the Eagles to flap their gums, but I guess for a fan base backing a team that’s been one-and-done in their last 3 playoff appearances this might as well be THEIR Super Bowl.

I respect the rivalry. Always gotta have a nemesis, and Philly has done their fair share of ripping the Giants hearts out. As far as how it all relates to Sunday night’s game though…well, it doesn’t. After a slow start, Big Blue are firing on all cylinders while the Eagles’ “best offense on paper” has sputtered to account for just 5 of their last 11 end zone trips. If not for opportunistic special teams & bringing a couple takeaways to the house, Philadelphia would be flying a lot lower. So after the G-Men expose them in their own living room & send them into their bye week wondering what the fuck just happened, NY will have backed up the talk & set our sights on Dallas while Eagles fans will be looking for excuses & a new mouthpiece.