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Did Jenny Dell Try To Leave NESN Only To Be Threatened With A Lawsuit Because She Has A Non Compete?




So after I posted the story about NESN putting Boom Boom in timeout for dating Will Middlebrooks I got this email from a source with knowledge of the inner workings of NESN. Now I can’t confirm this is fact. I will just say I trust the source and I wouldn’t have posted it if I didn’t believe it. Puts the Jenny Dell thing in a whole new light now. If you didn’t think she was getting railroaded before now you will.

Insider Source

“NESN knew about her and Will during the 2012 season and did nothing. Never even considered reassigning her this time last year. They’re only pissed because this is now finally public. Yet they never threw a fit at Heidi when she banged half the clubhouse. Jenny was ready to take a new job and let everyone peacefully part ways. NESN decided to start fucking with her and saying she’s got a non-compete and sue to make sure she doesn’t take another job. So they had an easy out but chose to make her life miserable instead. This is high school drama shit they’re pulling. A total power move to show what kind of assholes they can be. I’m perfectly in line with the conflict of interest angle but it would be great if you could expose NESN for their BS on Barstool. Heidi admitted it to everyone in-house. They actually fired her once in a big dramatic meeting but Werner then gave her a raise.”

If this is true now it makes perfect sense why Boom Boom didn’t quit when she got demoted. NESN won’t let her. Why else would she let herself get publicly embarrassed like this? NESN is making an example out of her. They are sending a message to the next sexpot they hire that if they fuck a player this is what happens. Huge cock move by NESN. If you don’t want her anymore let her go be awesome somewhere else. Free Boom Boom! Free Boom Boom!