Wake Up With Every Bomb Gary Sanchez Hit Off His Son David Price

A father's relationship with his son is one of great importance. When separated at the wrong age it can be quite troubling for all parties involved. Last night I'm sure you all saw the horrible news as Mookie Betts and David Price were shipped off to LA after Boston cowardly chose getting under the luxury tax over bringing joy to their players and fans. It was really sad to see for many reasons. A team from Boston has now been forced to play under the fake umbrella of a small market club. Imagine having a top 3 player in the game and letting him go because you didn't want to pay him what he wanted? Couldn't be my team. 

Anyways, the point of this blog is to detail the disgusting and devastating separation of a father and son. Over the course of the last 3+ seasons David Price and Gary Sanchez have forged an everlasting bond that I truly hope never breaks. The next chapter in this relationship will test one another with the long distance involved, but I'm hopeful they'll meet again down the road. This cannot be the end of this journey. 

You see Gary Sanchez is David Price's father. Including the postseason, Sanchez has six career homers off of Price in just 21 plate appearances. A .500/.619/1.625 triple slash good for a 2.244 OPS. You have to feel for Gary here losing a son like this. It's just a business folks, a cruel, harsh business. I'm man enough to admit that I shed a tear after realizing what Gary is probably going through right now. 

As we all try to get through today please watch these memories and play See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth in the background as a proper tribute.


Just for good measure here's Judge's homer off Price in the 2018 ALDS. He'll be missed by all the guys in that Bronx Bomber clubhouse. 

Even Luke Voit in just eight at bats hit 3 bombs off Price. 

There's certainly going to be a lot of missing #24 in 2020. Maybe, just maybe we'll meet again in October. Wouldn't that be fun?