Breaking News: Bieber About To Be Arrested In Toronto For Beating Up A Limo Driver


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(CNN)Justin Bieber is in Toronto to face an assault charge in connection with an encounter with a limousine driver a month ago, a source close to the singer told CNN Wednesday. Bieber traveled to Toronto to be booked on the charge, which will happen at a police station later Wednesday, the source said. This is the 19-year-old pop star’s second arrest in a week.”Bieber’s arrest is expected within a few hours at Toronto police station,” a law enforcement source with direct knowledge of the case told CNN.

Name another global superstar who has been arrested twice this week in two different countries? You can’t. The bad boy of rock n roll never takes a day off. Drag racing Lambos at 30 mph’s, egging people’s houses, beating up limo drivers, skipping the grammys, getting deported, fucking supermodels, you name it and the Biebs is doing it. Oh what’s that you say? You wish you bought a Free Bieber shirt the first time he got arrested. No worries. Life just gave you a 2nd chance. Today’s your lucky day. Double down on that bitch.