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As It Turns Out Labeling Your Drug Bag "Bag Full Of Drugs" Is Actually A Bad Idea

NY Post - Some criminals try to outsmart the cops — but this pair didn’t leave them guessing for a second.

Two Florida men were busted over the weekend for speeding around with meth, cocaine and more packed in sacks with the words “Bag Full of Drugs” printed on them, authorities said.

“Santa Rosa K-9 Deputies recently assisted [Florida Highway Patrol] on a traffic stop on I-10 where a large amount of narcotics were discovered,” the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office posted to Facebook Monday. “Note to self — do not traffic your illegal narcotics in bags labeled ‘Bag Full Of Drugs.’ Our K-9’s can read.”

I've put a lot of thought into this. Ok not a ton of thought, but some thought. I mean is anything really worth putting a ton of thought into anymore? What was the last time you stopped your life and thought about one thing in particular for an extended period of time? I kinda just trust my brain's first instinct and then will send a text to someone just to see if I'm in the right place. But then again, I don't face many tough decisions in my life, and I generally do whatever I want. It's sort of weird. Remember when you were young and you'd meet someone who was like...22 and you'd think they were so old? And then that age would gradually change because then you'd meet a 30 year old and they were married with kids and you'd be like wow, that is so mature. Well, I'm 31 and I have vaguely more responsibilities than I had when I was 22. I have no debt, no car payments, no mortgage, no other people to be responsible for. It's actually crazy to me that I am the same age with people who have kids in elementary school where I went to elementary school. Blows my mind I'm now at that age. 

But anyway, yeah. I guess don't label your drug bags "Bag Full Of Drugs". At first I was like "classic hiding in plain sight technique" but then I realized if a bag says it has drugs in it, I'm going to open it and check out what sort of drugs we're working with. You would think it's the basic weed, maybe a little cocaine. But maybe it's something cool that I don't even know about. So obviously I'm going to open it and see.

Next time they should label that bag "Definitely NOT Drugs". Problem solved. No reason to look in that bag, it's clearly labeled as not containing drugs. Would be a complete waste of time to open that thing. Lesson learned.