Mumbai Police Get Horny On Twitter As They Crack Down On Big 'Ol Mega Honkers

Brace yourselves... Horny video below with a whole lot of big 'ol mega honkers. ha ha

So if the sound level goes over 85 decibels, the time on the red light resets for another 90 seconds. And if it happens again as people get even angrier & continue to honk? Toss another 90 seconds on there, pal. You can wait all day until people learn to lay off the horn. As they say in the PSA... "Feel free to honk (if you don't mind waiting)". 

Why grow hoarse reasonable .. Deafness can come … old, child and anyone ill …. Please worry about them.

Though the translation of that 2nd, follow-up Tweet to the video isn't entirely accurate, I imagine the spirit of the message is, "Please - everyone shut the fuck up because all the noise pollution is actually harmful to people". 

That's something I totally get living in honk-happy NYC. At this point I'm not worried about my hearing, but perhaps my blood pressure a little bit. Every few weeks I'm crossing correctly with the 'walk' signal at a normal pace when "HONNNNK!!!!"… Some asshole taxi driver bombards me as they try to turn where I'm crossing. 

Buddy,,, I've been to war a couple times… your sudden honk-blast is gonna make me butt-vomit this afternoon's Chipotle into my Target stretch pants. 

Not to mention when I do venture out in my car (it's been a few months now as I cannot locate it, no biggie) and it's obvious the light is red, or there's an accident ahead or obstacle in the road and clearly no one is going anywhere.. some moron still lays on the horn for no reason, needlessly adding to the stress of the situation. Yes, guy in the lifted neon red 2010 Ford Ranger covered in Punisher stickers, we all see you. You are a tough fella who has somewhere to be, but there's nothing I can do for you right now.

One of my favorite comedians, the late Mitch Hedberg, had a joke that shared another idea the Mumbai Police might like.. 

"I think we should only get 3 honks a month on the car horn, because people honk the car horn too much. 3 honks, that's the limit. And then someone cuts you off, ffffft, you press your horn, nothing happens. You're like, "shit! I wish I wouldn't have seen Ricky on the sidewalk!"

"Three honks, everybody knows the rules," is something I'd love to see catch on… 

Interested to see if this actually changes the honk-culture in India or if it just leads to a ton of crazy road rage incidents. Imagine having somewhere to be & the clock keeps resetting because some stranger can't lay off their horn. RnR 12, Mumbai??