You'll Never Believe What Florida Police Found In Bag Labeled 'Bag Full Of Drugs'


SANTA ROSA COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA)— Two men were not discreet in their plans to sell drugs in the Florida Panhandle, according to officials.

The Florida Highway Patrol arrested two men suspected of drug trafficking after troopers pulled them over on Saturday and found drugs in a bag labeled “Bag Full of Drugs”.

Troopers made the discovery after the men were pulled over for speeding on I-10.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the search of the vehicle, which turned up methamphetamine, GHB (also known as the “date rape” drug), cocaine, MDMA and fentanyl.

If you guessed "a plethora of hard drugs" then you're today's big winner!! DM me on twitter to claim your prize! (Honor system pls)

Not too long ago I blogged about a woman who got caught with meth in her box labeled 'dope'. Now at that point in my young, naive life - roughly a month ago - I thought that was the stupidest drug user I've ever seen. No, less than a month later this happens. It seems very hard to be that dumb. Might as well just put a sign in your yard that says "I use hard drugs"

Rough sketch:

What happened to being discreet? Now admittedly, I don't know much about... well anything. But I do know that, typically, you want to be somewhat secretive about your heavy drug use. Not have a giant arrow pointing to your entire stash of narcotics. It kills me whenever I see someone who gets caught speeding then they get busted for drug possession too. Use your head one fucking time. You don't speed, you don't get caught. Simple as that. Especially through a traffic stop, you fucking dummies. 

Did they think they could just fly by the traffic stop - with police presence - and get away with it? Just mind-boggling how stupid some people are. Now, these guys are gonna face a shit load of jail time. Meanwhile, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office Facebook account is actively dancing all over their grave. 

Note to self- do not traffic your illegal narcotics in bags labeled “Bag Full Of Drugs”. Our K-9’s can read.

Just a tough way to go out. At least they have some time now to think about how stupid they are. Maybe read a fucking book or two, get the ole noggin working effectively again and come back with some better ideas. Anything is better than having drugs in a bag labeled "bag full of drugs".