Vanderbilt Athletic Director Resigns After One Miserable Year on the Job

This is the first good decision anyone in the Vanderbilt athletics department has made in years. Malcolm Turner finally took a look around and realized Vandy is no place to be an athletic director.

Since he was hired in December of 2018, Vanderbilt had a 3-9 football season (1-7 SEC), a 9-23 basketball season (0-18 SEC) and is currently in the midst of an 8-13 basketball season (0-8 SEC). Even for Vanderbilt, it's been a tough year. They did win a baseball national championship with their ridiculous scholarship loopholes, if that rustles your jimmies, I guess.

The funniest part is that Turner retained Derek Mason — much to the chagrin of the dozens of Vanderbilt fans across the nation and to the delight of every other SEC fanbase — just to dip out a couple months later. You hate to see it.

Maybe it was the loss of the apparently beloved 3-point streak that finally sent Turner over the edge. Maybe it was the fact that hiring a guy who had never worked in collegiate athletics before to head an SEC athletic department was a bad idea. But maybe, Vandy actually hired someone smart enough to take a look around and realize that having your accomplishments tied to the Vanderbilt athletic department is not a great career move.

So long, Malcolm Turner. We hardly knew ye.

Vandy sucks. Go Vols.