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Vanderbilt Loses 3-Point Streak in Hilarious Fashion

Vanderbilt got blown out at home by its in-state rival to lose its 24th-straight SEC game on Saturday. But its fans were far more upset for a different reason: Saturday was the first game since the inception of the 3-point line that Vandy did not make a 3-pointer.

1,080 consecutive games down the drain. My personal favorite moment of the game looking back is when Vandy actually did make its lone 3-pointer of the game, but it came as the shot clock expired and didn't count. You just hate to see it.

Knowing how much more it KILLS these people that it came in a blowout loss to Tennessee in Memorial Gym makes it that much better. I mean, honestly, who the hell cares? Does anyone outside of Nashville actually care that Vandy had made a three in every game since 1986? I guess when you're going on 25 straight conference losses, you cling to whatever you can.

Hang in there, y'all. It might get better.

It won't — but it might.