IT'S MURDA: Ja Morant Is Now Bullying The Hell Out Of Steph Curry On Twitter

Well, Ja Morant is officially declaring himself as here. You can't be a nobody and not be afraid to punch at Steph Curry or anyone. In case you missed it, Ja Morant and the rest of the Grizzlies started talking shit about Andre Iguodala who is refusing to play for Memphis.

You think Ja gives a shit that Iggy won a title in Golden State? Absolutely not. Ja is going to do what's best for his team and that's being a vocal guy in the locker room that will attack any and all stars. Did he use the easiest joke in the book? Sure! But guess what, that doesn't matter here. This is about Ja not giving a shit. 

I honestly love this move from Ja. Why should he be okay with Iggy not showing up to play and just bending the knee? Don't let the Warriors talk their shit about Iggy winning titles. Fire back and that's what Ja is doing. Plus, Ja has been really fucking good and the Grizzlies might be the most surprising team in the league. I don't blame them one bit for just buying Iggy out. The plan was always to try and flip him for a pick. Someone is probably going to panic and throw them one. That's just smart business, which is what this is. Iggy has every right to sit out. The Grizzlies have every right to do what they are doing. 

I can't wait for Ja to play Steph. There's chance he tries to do this to him.