Ja Morant And Dillon Brooks Are Sick Of Andre Iguodala's Shit

This whole Iguodala situation is so bizarre. He gets traded to Memphis over the summer which at the time may as well have been Siberia for a player at his age. Both Iggy and the team reached an agreement that he would sit out until they worked out a deal to send him to a list of preferred teams. Why he felt like the Grizzlies owned him anything is rather unusual, it's not their problem that GS dumped him. If they want to hold out for the best offer that's their right, no matter where it comes from. The Grizzlies have made it clear that they have zero interest in buying him out which brought us this bit of news earlier today

Here's the problem with that idea. If he goes this route and sits out while available he'll apparently ruin his free agent status for next season


Here's the weirdest part about this whole thing. The Grizzlies are good! They are in the playoff hunt! So what if they aren't contending for a title right now and the teams on Iguodala's list are probably the LA teams, Houston, shit like that. It's not like they are the disaster that you may have thought when you were first traded there. Why would you willingly refuse to play with Ja Morant? Do you know how fun that must be? The man is a human highlight factory and extremely unselfish. Morant is probably going to win the ROY and looks every bit like the generational talent the Grizzlies hoped he would be. One would think playing with such a talent out be a worthy endeavor. 

Which is why I love the players talking that shit. Dillon Brooks is having a breakout year and we know Morant has all the confidence in the world. Basically saying if you don't want to ride with us then fuck you. I can support that mindset. The Grizzlies are building something and have some of the best collection of young talent in the league and they certainly aren't afraid.