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Greg Olsen And The Redskins Are A Perfect Match

Pro Football Talk - Greg Olsen will not return to Carolina, he and the team agreed last week, but he may return to playing for Ron Rivera.

Olsen would consider signing with Washington to reunite with Rivera, the Washington Post reports.

It would make sense for the two of them to reunite, Rivera because he would like a strong veteran presence on his team, and Olsen because he would like to play for a coach he knows and is comfortable with.

However, Olsen turns 35 next month, and if he’s in a hurry to play for a winner, he may question whether Washington is the place to go. He also is sure to have job offers if he decides to work in television rather than play another season.


Last week Greg Olsen and the Panthers agreed to part ways, making Olsen a free agent and free to sign with any team or TV network of his choosing. While I assume ESPN hasn't stopped calling his phone, he is talking to 2 teams today- the Redskins and the Bills. And the Redskins would be the perfect landing spot for the veteran and well endowed tight end.

With Jordan Reed's future in doubt and Vernon Davis officially retired, the Redskins are in need of a veteran presence at tight end to help Haskins' development. And who better than the every reliable Greg Olsen? At 34 years old, Greg is still productive, catching 52 balls for 597 yards last season in Carolina, helping Kyle Allen put together a decent year for an undrafted QB. He can bring the same leadership and dependability to Washington, helping implement Scott Turner's system while helping whatever tight end we draft acclimate to the NFL game. He'd be a starter in Washington while having a leadership role, what's better than that?

Now, I'm sure teams like the Steelers or Patriots might be interested in him as well, and if he wants to win a Super Bowl ASAP maybe he'll try to go to one of those places, but I can only talk about what is reported- that he's talking to Buffalo and Washington. And if those are his options, Washington is a no-brainer. He can help bring in a new era of winning to Washington, be closer to his home in New Jersey, and not be in frigid ass Buffalo. Win-win-win.