I Guess Vernon Davis Is Retired Now?

Uhhhh, okay! That's certainly one way to do it! Who needs all the heart felt sappiness of an Instagram post when you could make a random cameo in a tourism video for Miami with Gronk and James Harrison? That's the way everyone should do it. Just show up randomly and say you're retired. Grammys? Tom Brady from the NFL. The next Marvel superhero movie? Drew Brees retires from the Saints. No questions, no thank yous, no follow ups. It's genius really. Just say you're retired in a place no one is looking and then vanish into thin air never to be seen or heard from ever again. 

7,500 yards, 63 TDs, a ring (people forget he was on that Broncos team), 2 Pro Bowls, led the league in touchdowns one year, and, most importantly, he went to Maryland and ended his career in DC. Some would argue it was the perfect career. Enjoy Miami with James Harrison, Vernon! You earned it buddy!