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Derrick Nnadi Wins Super Bowl, Pays Off Adoption Fees For 100s Of Shelter Dogs


After the Kansas City Chiefs stormed back to win the Super Bowl, defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi reveled in his team's win by making "snow angels" in the confetti on the filed. But Nnadi also celebrated the victory in a unique way — helping animals in need. 

KC Pet Project announced on Facebook that the star player paid off the adoption fees for every single adoptable dog at all of their locations.


Except don't do that.  That song is sad as fuck.  Instead roll with something chipper and upbeat.  Something like... idk, Sum 41 or something.  

But anyways, Derrick Nnadi?  Yeah he's officially the fucking man.  The Super Bowl was decent enough last night with a lot of good ancillary storylines, but this story will probably get lost in the shuffle that was Instagram bimbos storming the field, Jackson Mahomes making TikToks and the ass shake off heard round the world...

All of which are just bullshit charades. But as a journalist who covers all things in an unbiased and objective manner, it's my duty to push all of the bullshit aside and bring to light the stories that matter, like a bunch of puppies that are about to find their forever homes.  So shoutout to you, Derrick, you're a champion on and off the field today.

PS in the somewhat off chance someone from Kansas City, KS is reading this, here are a few pics of the pooches up for adoption:

There are hundreds more of these dogs.  Go and adopt one and find yourself a new best friend.