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Jackson Mahomes Plus Stool Team 6 Would Break The Internet

A lot of people* were calling Jackson Mahomes the real MVP of the Super Bowl last night.

*Actually just one: me. However, 19.1k people liked that tweet above, which is a lot of people soooooo.

It's crazy to think that the guy a lot of people are calling the MVP of last night's Super Bowl took time out of his celebration to tweet at Barstool Sports:

Most of the people reading this probably hate TikTok. Don't worry, I'm not going to dismiss you or anything like that. I get why you don't like it. However, that doesn't change that it may be the future of social media. Kids literally can't get off the thing. Just as the progression of innovation in football goes high school to college to pros, the progression of new social media platforms goes through high schools to colleges to working professionals.

One of TikTok's stars is Jackson Mahomes. The guy has 325k followers. 

Him plus Stool Team 6 would be an Avengers like combination.