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KFC Radio Double Feature This Week With Big Baby Trent And Nate



I gotta bang out a couple episodes of everyone’s favorite shitshow early this week, so we’re gonna need to fire up the voicemails a couple days ahead of time. Gonna record a regular episode with Big Cat and Feits, and then we’re gonna double up with Big Baby/Big Daddy Trent and Nate Dogg-sitter. We can talk about Big Daddy being the most famous person in Iowa. You can ask him a bunch of ignorant, misinformed questions about living in his awful state. You can ask Nate about Britt McHenry and his famous cameo in the Draftkings commercial. Whatevre you want. So call the hotline and leave voicemails for the new guys as well as anything you might want Big Cat or Feits to answer. I’m gonna need double the voicemails this week so everyone call in and bring the heat.