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Straight Out Of A Movie: Hoops Manager Suits Up For First Time On Senior Night, Breaks Some Ankles And Drills A 3 To Cause A Court Storm

Call me soft, whatever. I love this sort of shit. What I love even more is the dude knew that 3 was going in. You don't just break someone's ankles and brick a 3. That's not how it works. Not when you're a manager for the last two years and get to dress up and play on senior night. That shot goes in 100 out of 100 times like you're Randolph Childress. 

This is holding your hand in the cookie jar because you know that's going in: 

That's gotta be a top feeling if you're this kid. There's so much that can go wrong. You can not get in the game. You can airball a jumper. You can go 0-for-5. Hell, you can be on the business end of these ankles: 

So this school - Pace Academy is down in the Atlanta area and is where Wendell Carter went. But now it's the gym that this kid built. Also, that's an A+ court storm. Kids wasted no time and for a high school game there's a decent crowd there. 

Shout out this kid for draining the 3. Big time players make big time plays.