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Bradley Beal Says 'He's Pissed Off And It's Disrespectful' That He's Not An All-Star; Fiancee Fights Everyone On Twitter About It

You know what? People will probably complain and tell him to shut up and play for a better team, yada, yada, yada. I love it. I want guys like this to be open. I don't want the same old boring speeches. Give me a guy like Beal who is going to admit that he's pissed off he didn't make an All-Star Game. Give me a guy like this who wants to make an All-Star Game and is looking for validation. You know what else? Give me a ride or die like Beal's fiancee: 

And there's a point. I hate the 'team wins' argument for the All-Star Game. Not only that but the Wizards are actually better than everyone thought! They were supposed to be the worst team in the league. Instead they have a better record than 4 teams in the East. Are they good? Absolutely not. But they are better than everyone thought. 

Now here's the thing. The All-Star Game is for the fans, but it's also for the players. There are incentives involved, etc. The main reason Beal isn't an All-Star? The fans. He was 2nd in the players vote for guards. But finished just 6th out of the guards in the East. If your co-workers think this highly of you, that should matter if it comes to contract incentives. 

Like I said, I'm all for dudes speaking out. Give me someone saying how they actually feel instead of just congratulating everyone else. Also shout out Kamiah, appreciate how she doesn't give a FUCK and will battle you on Twitter.